Travis was born in Huntington, WV and attended the University of Oklahoma where he received his BFA in acting. After graduating, he worked a bunch of retail jobs before eventually being hired as the Technical Director at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company.

At the same time as he began his career at CSC, he and his brothers Justin and Griffin began recording the comedic advice podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me. MBMBaM was well received and was soon added to the MaximumFun.org network. Travis’s theatre career and podcasting career ran concurrently for several years during which Travis also appeared on stage in several CSC shows, married his wife Teresa and started his second podcast (In Case of Emergency) and third podcast (The Adventure Zone).

In 2014, after 5 years with CSC, the time had come to focus fully on his podcast career. Travis and Teresa packed up their cat, dog and all their stuff and moved to Los Angeles for two years. While there, Travis started the podcasts Bunker Buddies, Can I Pet Your Dog, Trends Like These, InterroBang with Travis and Tybee, Til Death Do Us Blart, and Shmanners (with Teresa). During this time, he (along with his brothers) began pre-production on the MBMBaM TV show and production started on The Adventure Zone graphic novel adaptation. In preparation for their impending baby, after 2 years Travis and Teresa headed back to Cincinnati with a 2 month stop in Huntington, WV to film the TV show. Travis, Teresa, baby Bebe and their animals now reside back in Cincinnati. Travis continues to produce MBMBaM, Adventure Zone, Shmanners, TLT, InterroBang and TDDUB.